Bonded and Insured Company

Commercial Office Building Cleaning

We specialize in small to medium office buildings with multiple tenants. As a company, we are sure to bring the best cleaning experience to you and your clients on a budget. We will customize our cleaning methods based upon the client’s needs.  We are a bounded, and insured company.

Great Cleaning – Does not come easy. It comes with experience. It comes with observation and using the best tools to provide a clean non-harming environment for you, your tenants, and their guests.

We bring the best experience by:

Best tools – Depending on the task, we use the best tools to accomplish the task at hand. We can customize the cleaning methods to match the needs of the tenants.

Customize Communication – Contact us by phone, text, and email.  If there is an ongoing issue, then a logbook will be created to avoid or watch for the issue.

Attentive Listening – being open and understanding of people’s goals and preference. 

Active Maintenance reporting – If we see it, we report it. Any building damage that we see, will be reported to the client, A.S.P.

Special Rate:

                If your building is within 1 mile of Highway 100 then a reduce rate be considered.

Action list of actions:

Dusting of surfaces

Parking lot, and garage cleanup

Graffiti removal

cleaning of entrance glass and frontage windows

Restroom cleaning and sanitization

Cleaning and disinfecting

Complete cleaning of offices and waiting areas

Office cubicle cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Lunchroom and appliance cleaning

Floor vacuuming, washing, and polishing