Bonded and Insured Company

Residential Cleaning

All final quotes will be given after inspection after by our professionals before cleaning starts.

1st time Cleaning: Quote based on square foot

20 cent per square foot min starting at $90 for normal service for 2 areas

Or based on area size 15 x 15: 2 areas are $90. An area is $45 at basic level

Depending on number of surfaces, level of dirt level, concentration of debris, and sanitation. Cost will change. The max is $.80 per square foot.

Special circumstances

1+ hour for emergency/special situations is $1.00 per square foot Cleaning outside normal hours of 8am to 5pm

Recurring Cleaning (min of once a month): Quote based on Hourly ($50): 2 hours min (Reduced to $45 for the 1st 2 hours)

Areas of Cleaning Evertime

Dust Furniture

Vacuum Furniture (upon request)

Lightly Dust Blinds

Dust Windowsills

Clean Mirrors

 Clear Cobwebs

Dust Décor and Picture Frames

Dust Light Fixtures, Lamps, and Lamp Shades

Vacuum Carpet and Rugs

Vacuum and Mop Hard Floors

Vacuum Underneath Small Area Rugs

Dust Baseboards

 (1st vs Recurring):

First Time

Detailed emphasis on buildup in the shower

Clean light switches

Hand-wipe light fixtures

Vacuum reachable fan vents.

Dust by hand with microfiber cloth

Wet-wipe baseboards and doors

Wet-wipe front of cabinets


Dust by hand with microfiber duster and cloth

Dust baseboards and spot-clean cabinet fronts

Clean shower and bathtub

Dust light fixtures and fan vents


Things that we won’t do:

Move piles of papers or stuff on home office desks to dust

High surface cleaning

Clean dishes

Laundry clothes

Use anything higher than a two-step stool

Dust delicate items (pianos)

Clean high ceiling fans or light fixtures

Spot clean upholstery 

Vacuum fireplaces or ash or clean the glass

Mold removal

Clean grout

Enter biohazard situations (such as Empty litter boxes or diaper genies)

Clean blinds (beyond a light dusting)

Move heavy furniture or appliances

Clean outside windows

Clean under hoarding Clean flat screen TVs or computer monitors

Pickup animal waste or clean animal cages

Use High toxic chemicals to clean

Clean carpet

Clean dryer vents